Water-Methanol Injection Systems

Coolingmist cater to the high performance enthusiast who wants a better Water-Methanol injection system.

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Coolingmist Stage 1 Water Methanol kit

FlashloadThe all new Coolingmist stage 1 water methanol kit has been re-designed from the ground up to give you the highest performing Stage 1 water-methanol injection kit, while adding simplicity.

The pump has been improved from our 1.0 GPM pump to 1.3 GPM. The kit now comes with a solenoid with built in fittings and the standard nozzle has been replaced with the super atomizing nozzle. Also, the injector holder is now one piece with a compression fitting instead of standard quick connect.

This kit is complete with your high-pressure tubing, boost line, boost tee, boost switch, solenoid with built-in fittings, fitting for your tank, pump, screws for the pump, connectors for boost switch, wiring, super-atomizing injector and new injector holder with built-in fitting.

Coolingmist Stage 2 Water Methanol kit

CMGS FS Stage 2Our Coolingmist Stage 2 progressive water methanol kit features the version 4.11 digital controller that you can adjust from 1-30 PSI on the min and max dials. As you increase in boost you increase in flow.

Meant to be simple, this kit offers high performance and a digital display that shows boost in real time as well as vacuum.

A fitting for your tank is provided or you can order a tank from us. The controller is 52mm (2 and 1/16 inch) that can fit in a standard boost gauge pod (not provided). Our super-atomizing injector is included with all stage 2 progressive kits. This kit now includes our solenoid with built-in quick connect fittings. The injector holder is our new one piece compression fitting. We eliminated many fittings with this kit to make it more simple, easy to install and reliable.

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