Cool Boost Stage 2 progressive controller



Cool Boost Stage 2 progressive controller


This Cool Boost Systems Stage 2 Water-Methanol Injection Pump Controller allows the driver to control at what Boost setpoint they require the benefits of Water Methanol injection.





This Cool Boost Systems Stage 2 Water-Methanol Injection Pump Controller allows the driver to control at what Boost setpoint they require the benefits of Water Methanol injection.



1x Stage 2 Progressive Injection Pump Controller

1x 5 Meter Easy install Wiring Harness with integrated relay

1x 4 Meters of Vacuum Tubing *if boost based

1x Vacuum 4mm T-piece

1x Vacuum Pipe Adapter (3mm - 4mm)

2x Silicone lengths

1 x Vacuum Inline Air Filter

1x 12VDC 40A Relay

1x Instruction Manual

1x Wiring Schematic

2x Cool Boost Systems Stickers


Stage 2 Progressive Controller Features:

*The Progressive Delivery Setpoints with "SET & FORGET" Feature

The controller has to be adjusted to the desired trigger point with the first Potentiometer "Start" which has a pointer to the external scale.

The second Potentiometer "Full" (if a Progressive) is utilised for reference to the maximum injection point which also has a pointer to the external scale.

Between these two setpoints the controller will interpolate a ramp(progressive delivery) that the pump will linearly increase between.

This allows for a smoother, more linear delivery of WMI into your intake, preventing stalling/ misfiring and allowing full control of a larger nozzle/s being utilised in low boost point injection scenarios where a smaller nozzle/s would generally be required.

The "SET/TEST" button must be pressed for 4 seconds or more to permanently store the trigger setpoint.

If a new injection point is desired the Potentiometer may be moved and the "SET/TEST" button pressed again.

*System Prime/ Test Feature

The controller also has a built in Test feature where if the user presses the "SET/TEST" Button for more than 2 seconds but less than 4 seconds the test mode activates.

Once the Test Mode activates it has a wait delay of 3 seconds before the system test begins so that the user may have time to exit the vehicle in order for the inspection of leaks or priming of the pump(to remove air).

*System Failure Detection - The right way

A useful and unique feature of the Cool Boost Controllers are that they reads their own control outputs back into the processor, so it is able to detect whether the controller is or is not performing its commanded output in a closed loop fashion.

This allows for detection of controller failure or if in the scenario where a wire rubs through to ground and the pump activates.

The controller also incorporates for failure detection an input from the "Cool Boost Fail Safe Switch" which allows for detection of low pressure or no pressure caused from system line leaks, line rupture or pump failure.

When the controller detects a "Low Pressure Event" it will activate a "Boost Safe Mode" where its two outputs simultaneously trigger.

One of the outputs deactivates the 12V supply to the pump and the other may perform any useful task the user wishes (for eg. Preventing High Boost by the Boost Controller, interlocking the N75 Valve, Forcing the ECU into LIMP mode, Warning Light or Warning Buzzer, etc.)

This latched "Boost Safe" state may be acknowledged and deactivated by pressing the "Test/Set" button for 1 second which will allow the system to continue functioning as per normal and return 12V supply the pump and turn off the customisable Boost Safe output.

*Multiple Outputs

Output 1 - 300PSI Water Methanol Injection Pump

Output 2 - 1000PSI Solenoid

*Tank Low Level Indication

The controller has the ability for a low level input from a water bottle Level Sender, this will allow the controller to flash and warn the user that the tank is low.

*Clutch Switch System Pausing

Should the controller be the internal MAP sensor type, the white wire may be utilised as clutch switch input for system pause on gearshift.
For as long as the white wire is grounded, the system will be in "pause mode" and will disable the system momentarily on gearshift/ launch control to prevent bogging on systems with large nozzles or multiple nozzles.



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