Cool Boost Stage 1 kit



Cool Boost Stage 1 kit


The Cool Boost Stage 1 SPI Boost Switch system is a must have for those looking for induction cooling and detonation suppression via a Single Point of Injection which is activated at a specific boost pressure setpoint.

Once active, the system will spray statically keeping everything in check and awarding the octane your vehicle requires when there is heat from boost pressure.

This Cool Boost Systems Static Injection Stage 1 Water-Methanol Injection Kit comes complete with an adjustable Pressure Switch allowing the driver to control at what boost setpoint they need the benefits of the W/M injection.

This kit activates the pump based on the boost pressure setpoint via the Boost Pressure Switch which is connected to your boost/vacuum line.

This kit is suited for the budget racer who would like to experience the benefits of WMI but is not interested in the added features of the Injection controllers.


*What is does in your engine

The Cool Boost Systems Static Injection Water-Methanol Injection Kit's main purpose is to suppress detonation caused by high temperature and pressure that has developed in the combustion chamber when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto-ignition point, by either a turbo, supercharger or high compression pistons.

Compressed air is heated air that causes a reduction of power and increases the likelihood of detonation.

Cool Boost System's kits help lessen any reduction of power while also increasing fuel economy by instantly cooling the compressed air in the boost pipes before the throttle body and also in the combustion chambers during ignition.

Because Water and Methanol have a very high latent heat content, it is extremely effective for controlling not only the onset of detonation but also the production of oxides of nitrogen in modern lean burning engines.

Methanol, with its 116 octane high flash points and specific gravity, helps further reduce the chances of detonation and acts as a fuel itself in the combustion chamber.


Benefits Of Water-Methanol Injection  

* Increase power output safely by 10-15%  

* Lower air temperatures by 50-200+ degrees  

* Increases octane when you need it under boost.  

* Reduces cylinder temperatures up to 300+ degrees  

* No wear issues only clean combustion chambers  

* Allows you to safely run more boost and timing


The kit contents of the Cool Boost Static Injection Stage 1 System

Customisable and/or optional System Components

1 x Non Return Valve or Solenoid inclLeakProof Fittings

1 x Adjustable Boost Pressure Switch or External Trigger Input

1 x Reservoir Fluid Low Level Switch

1 x Length of Blue CBS 1/4" Nylon Piping

1 x Filtered High Atomising Nozzle

1 x Water Methanol Reservoir (3.8L / 4.8L / 8.5L)

Standard Components in the kit

1 x LeakProof Tank Outlet

1 x LeakProof Pump Fitting - Straight

1 x LeakProof Pump Fitting - Swivel 90 Degree

1 x LeakProof Nozzle Holder - Side Feed

1 x 20Bar (300PSI) Adjustable High-Pressure Alcohol Pump

1 x 4 Meter Multistrand Red 1.5mm Wire

1 x 4 Meter Multistrand Black 1.5mm Wire

1 x 30A Automotive Relay

1 x Automotive Relay Holder with Terminals

1 x 4mm Vacuum T-Piece

3 x Meters of Vacuum Piping

1 x 20A Automotive Maxi Fuse

1 x Inline Fuse Holder

4 x Cable Ties

2 x Round Terminal Lugs

2 x Spade Terminal Lugs

1 x Roll of P.T.F.E. Thread Tape

1 x Comprehensive Installation Manual

1 x Cool Boost Systems Lanyard

2 x Quarter Panel Window Stickers


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