VW GTI Club dyno day held at KAR Performance


May 2012


On the 26th May, SR Speedworx/GIAC members attended the the VW GTI Club dyno day. Our members did great power figures for their respective cars.

SR Speedworx's 2012 VW Golf 6 GTI DSG with 4000kms on the clock – 247whp & 434Nm. (GIAC Stage 2+ software on RACE program, Atom intake, Flowtech downpipe, Coolingmist Stage 1 water-meth kit).


Big plans for this development car!


SR Speedworx's 2009 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG329whp & 445Nm. (Stock standard)

What a beast of a car! V8 power!



Daniel's 2010 VW Scirocco 2.0TSI237whp & 387Nm (GIAC Stage 1 software, Atom intake, Viper exhaust system and 95 pump fuel)

Big potential for this car! Bigger plans awaiting!


Llewellyn's 2009 VW Golf 6 GTI242whp & 390Nm (GIAC Stage 2 software on PUMP program, intake and exhaust).

Very impressive figures for a Stage 2 car on an everyday pump-fuel file.


Rayy's Polo GTI 1.8T162whp (GIAC Stage 1 software, exhaust and 95 pump fuel).

Great power for a small car. And on 95 pump fuel!


Nazzy's BMW V8 M3303whp & 300Nm (Stock standard).

BMW Power! What a beauty!


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