Vargas JB4 Stage 1 hybrid turbo conversion


August 2014


Recently one of our customers decided to go the Vargas Stage 1 hybrid turbo route He was finding the OEM stock turbo not holding enough boost in the upper rev range.

The inlet diameter difference between the stock turbo and Vargas Stage 1 turbo is 6mm.

The difference in results measured at the wheels:

  • Stock OEM turbo with (JB4 map 3, exhaust, BMS intake, BMS meth kit, BMS flexi-fuel wires, BMS charge-pipe) 243kw & 575Nm 
  • Vargas stage 1 turbo (with same above mods on map 6) 274kw & 600Nm

That's a 31kw gain in peak power. What's even better is the 42kw gain at redline with 8psi more boost! That's seriously impressive.
We custom tweaked map 6 on the JB4 with the use of a dyno to achieve these results.

And this was on the 12th run so the car suffered from heatsoak. So definitely more kws potentially to be found!

More power, more performance002.jpg






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