SR Speedworx at BMW Fanatics dyno day


August 2014


Our crew attended the BMW Fanatics dyno day held at FR&R in PTA.

Good showing from our cars:

  • Merc CLK63 AMG 276kw and 472Nm
  • Merc C63 AMG 286kw and 494Nm
  • BMW E82 N55 135i 230kw and 509Nm
  • BMW F30 N55 335i 229.6kw and 460Nm
  • BMW E92 N54 335i coupe 247kw and 590Nm
  • BMW E82 N55 135i 228kw and 505Nm

All power measured at the wheels.

Thank you to our crew for attending and laying some impressive numbers down.

More power, more performance!IMG_20140819_103613.jpgIMG_20140819_103545.jpgIMG_20140819_103453.jpgIMG_20140819_103249.jpg




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